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OncomiRdbB is an integrated database consisting of the miRNAs of human and mouse genomes, their sequences, chromosome and gene locations, respective targets and their description, pathways it regulates in breast cancer.The miRNAs were mined from miRBase, Phenomir, Mir2Disease etc and their respective sequences were obtained from miRbase. Their target genes were computationally derived from different oncogenic pathways such as wnt, Jak- Stat, MAPK, mTOR, VEGF, Apoptosis and Notch pathways and their genomic sequences from ENSEMBLE- BioMart. Additionally, we have also listed the experimentally validated novel microRNAs for human breast cancer.

Thus, OncomiRdbB is a user friendly database which allows comprehensive querying from both the genomes using search strings/terms such as:
1. MicroRNA Name
2. Sequence
3. Accession Number
4. Target Genes

This all-inclusive new database is the first of its nature and will act as a one-stop query point to query the OncomiRdbB implicated for Breast cancer. The mined data was converted into OncomiRdbB online format by MySQL, PERL and HTML tools supported by RDBMS platforms.

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