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Genotype / Phenotype DB

This database contains genotype and phenotype data of Indian population along with their demographic details. The database were organized in tabular formats, with appropriate fields in different excel files. The data contain in these files were collected with due consent of the subjects following all legal and ethical parameters. The entire data is password protected and made freely available to the public for academic and research purpose only. Commercial use of the data is strictly prohibited. Any user willing to use the data for their academic research activities can kindly write an e-mail to specifying her/his name, affiliation and the purpose along with a declaration that she/he is not going to use/share/distribute it for any commercial use. The password will be e-mailed to the user on the receipt of her/his request along with the declaration.

Any dispute occurs in this regard will be subject to the jurisdiction of Andhra Pradesh / Telangana High Court only.

The Data download link is