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RiDs db: Repeats in diseases database

The non-coding fraction of the human genome, which is approximately 98%, is mainly constituted by repeats. Transpositions, expansions and deletions of these repeat elements contribute to a number of diseases. None of the available databases consolidates information on both tandem and interspersed repeats with the flexibility of FASTA based homology search with reference to disease genes. Repeats in diseases database (RiDs db) is a web accessible relational database, which aids analysis of repeats associated with Mendelian disorders. It is a repository of disease genes, which can be searched by FASTA program or by limited- or free- text keywords. Unlike other databases, RiDs db contains the sequences of these genes with access to corresponding information on both interspersed and tandem repeats contained within them, on a unified platform. Comparative analysis of novel or patient sequences with the reference sequences in RiDs db using FASTA search will indicate change in structure of repeats, if any, with a particular disorder. This database also provides links to orthologs in model organisms such as zebrafish, mouse and Drosophila.